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Donna Kelly


  Donna Kelly has been a top 

hair and makeup artist for over twenty years.

 A career that has taken her all over the world enhancing the beauty in celebrities, musicians, politicians and models.

 Her work has been featured in movies, magazines, Print ads, music videos, and commercials.


 Her work has been seen in : Bazaar, Esquire, Marie Claire, Out, People, Time , Muscle Fitness magazine , MTV, Nickelodeon, The today Show,  Good Morning America, Mpls. St. Paul magazine, Graffiti bridge


Clients include:  Prince, Nike,  Al Gore, Jessie Ventura, Ashley Graham , J crew, Target, Bloomingdales ,JcPenny , Mall of America , Macy's , Sears, Miranda Cosgrove , Lara Shahidi ,

Joan Rivers , Nikki Taylor  ,The Time ,Ty Pennington ,

Arnold Schwarzenegger , George Clinton ,The jets  ,

Fred Savage , Melanie Griffith , Don Johnson  ,

 Jean Claude Van Damme .

"I love being part of a creative team !"

"I feel so blessed everytime I can be a part of enhancing the beauty on the outside so they can shine from the inside."      Donna Kelly

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