Disney lashes

September 27, 2014











Todays obsession seams to be lashes. 

Mine started as a child watching Disney movies like Bambi. 

No matter the animal you could tell the girl by her long lashes. Most of the time a few "blinks" and a smile was all it took to get the guy.

Thanks to the Pixie haircut trend I spent years of my youth defending that I was a girl.

The upside was scoring a part as Micheal in Peter Pan at a local theater( Flying was a blast!)

Thanks to puberty and long hair I don't have that problem anymore.

I still love girly lashes but my "blinking" may need some work;).


My favorite mascaras are L'oreal and Cherry blossom.


A tip for using false lashes: cut them in half for a more subtle look.


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